How To Add own Templates and Send Email Invitation with your own Templates


This feature is developed with an objective of sending future updates and sharing files with event attendees. In case an organizer wants to share some information regarding the event with only those who have booked tickets, and not make it public to all, it can be done using this feature. The uploaded template will be shared with only ticket buyers and contacts of the organizer’s choice via E-mail.

Follow these basic steps to Add Templates on BuzzMyEvent

  •  1. Login to your BuzzMyEvent account
  •  2. Go to My Templates.
  •  3. Hit the “Add New Template” button present on the top of the screen.
  •  4. Add a suitable template name, Template a file (.html format only) and select Template image for your template..
  •  5. Hit on the “Save” button.
  •  6. Your Template has been saved successfully !!!

Once your template is uploaded, you can send it to ticket bookers and Your friends and contacts Using Email Marking.

Email Marketing

Follow these basic steps to Email Marketing on BuzzMyEvent

  •  1. Go to Email Marketing for Right side Menu.
  •  2. Select type of message you want to send (i.e. custom message or template)
  •  3. Choose Event Name, Subject of your E-mail and E-mail Id in case customers want to contact you for that particular event.
  •  4. Hit the “Next” button.
  •  5. Select contacts (all or individually) to whom you want to send Invitation about your event.
  •  6. Click on the “Send Mail” button.
  •  7. Your Email is sent to all selected contacts.