How To Verify Customer Tickets

Ticket Verification (online) via BuzzMyEvent

This feature is added so that an organizer can manage the event attendees. Once you have created an event, people are allowed to book tickets online. Now, when the actual event is conducted, you (the organizer) may be willing to verify tickets of those present for the event. We have provided support for ticket verification.

Follow these basic steps to Verify Customer Ticket on BuzzMyEvent

  •  1. Login to your BuzzMyEvent account.
  •  2. Click on the Verify Ticket link present in the top panel of BuzzMyEvent screen.
  •  3. Enter ANY ONE detail (Email Id/ Mobile No./Order Id).
  •  4. Note :** The Email Id and Mobile No. should be those through which customer has bought ticket. Order Id can be found on printed ticket available with ticket buyer. You can fetch Payment Id of a ticket from the sales report for that particular event.
  •  5. Now click on the search button. A list of corresponding details will be generated.
  •  6. You can click on the (UnVerified)symbol for ticket verification. Please note that a record can contain of one or more tickets. This is because a buyer may have ordered more than 1 ticket at a time. You can verify tickets individually or all together as per the attendance of ticket buyers at the actual event.
  •  7. Once complete verification is done, you will see that the (Verified). This indicates that ticket/s verification is completed

Ticket Verification Report (offline)

You can generate a report of all booked tickets for your event through BuzzMyEvent. This report will comprise of all details like Total Sales, No. of tickets sold, customer and booked ticket details. You can generate this report in csv or xls format (i.e excel sheet) or directly print it as well.

Follow these basic steps to generating an offline ticket verification report on BuzzMyEvent

  •  1. Login to your BuzzMyEvent account.
  •  2. Click on the Reports link present in the top panel of BuzzMyEvent screen and select Booking Ticket option.
  •  3. Select Event Name.
  •  4. You can search, print, form an excel sheet or save csv file of the generated report.