Affiliate Program

What is BuzzMyEvent Affiliate program?

BuzzMyEvent program have been designed and developed to earn income by referring to your friends or by placing banners and links to your current website. You will be able to earn on every new offer released by BuzzMyEvent.

How does it work?

  •  1. Sign up with BuzzMyEvent
  •  2. Generate your unique code by going into the Affiliate section .
  •  3. Share your unique code via Email , Social Media , Classified etc.
  •  4. You will get income on every user who uses this promo code ( User will be able to get Rs 50 by Using the promo code)

How can I promote the Affiliate Promo Code?

  •  Invite your friends via Email
  •  Share on social media
  •  Use Banner and links on your website
  •  Write blogs about the offer
  •  Twit and share

More tips will be continuously shared by BuzzMyEvent team

How do I get paid?

You will be able to get paid through EFT once your balance reaches Rs 5,000 or Above. You can even use your balance to redeem on Ticketing Fees.

Affiliate Benefits

  •  No Investment
  •  Easy Income while working part time
  •  Just Spend 15 min to 1 hr a day
  •  New offers weekly and monthly
  •  Access to marketing material
  •  Track your income and progress
  •  Fast Growing industry