Email invitation is a relatively new trend that gives you an opportunity to market your event amongst your own existing contacts via a simple and fast email. Buzzmyevent provides you an option to send out “Email Invitations” using pre-set templates and even custom messages in a few easy to follow steps:

Ster 1

Login to your Buzzmyevent account and select “My Contacts” from the main menu bar. A drop down menu will appear, from this select “Email Marketing”. A window as shown below will appear.

Ster 2

Next click on “Add Contacts”, and choose the desired option ( Single contact, Multiple Contact, Upload Excel sheet or Social Media) from the pop up. Fill in the required contact information and Click on “SAVE”.

Ster 3

Next, Choose between the Template and Custom Message option and type in the required invitation details. A preview of the email invitation will be shown. Make changes if necessary or just click on “Save as Template” and then “NEXT”.

Ster 4

Finally an email invite similar to the one given in the figure will be sent to your added contacts.