Pay later option allows the customers to pay for paid tickets on the designated counters rather than via debit/credit card or any other means of online transfer. This is an added convenience for all those who wish to book paid tickets, but have no debit/credit cards handy or the ones who refrain from online money transactions due to subjective reasons. The steps to give Pay later options in your events are:

Step 1

Login to your Buzzmyevent account. Next, click on the "Create Event"; button present on the main menu bar.

Step 2

You will redirected to a page asking you to fill in the "Event Info", including the name of the event, venue, organizer etc. Fill in the complete details and click on "Save and Proceed". Next, you will be directed to the “ticket info” page.

Step 3

Click on the small geared wheel icon present under the "more" field. Now, you will be asked for the Ticket Details including the Ticket Sale Start Date, Booking fees options and Pay later option. Select the desired Pay out option.

Step 4

Select the "Pay later" option checkbox and then click on Publish. Soon, your event will be published.