Buzzmyevent lends you the convenience of creating and promoting your event from the same platform. With integrated powerful promotional tools, successfully sell your event online. Connect with potential attendees via Facebook or Twitter, promote your event through focused emailing tool, incentivize registrations through public discounts and deal coupons. Moreover, gain search engine presence simply by registering your event at Buzzmyevent.

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As soon as you create an event, we generate a unique URL that's readable by search engines, making your event SEO-friendly and easily discoverable.

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If you choose to make your event public

It immediately gets indexed by major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. thus increasing the chances of attendees discovering it across various search engines

It is made available to our distribution partners

It is registered in our event-search directory, open for public, such that it can be easily found by event seekers

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Use the power of Social media to scale your event promotion and ticket sales. Publish your event easily on Facebook with Buzzmyevent Share & Promotional tool. You can do the same with your Twitter and Google plus account. It can help you drive tremendous registration if promoted the right way!

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Get the basics right. Choose an attractive template, write a compelling description, add images, include relevant videos from previous events etc. to really make your event saleable worthy! Moreover, give clarity on finer details like major landmarks, location geo-tagging, parking options, sponsor details (current or past), ID requirement, refund policy etc., this helps audience understand the scale of event.