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Buzz My Event has a unique payment structure. If you don’t charge for tickets, Buzz My Event does not charge you for it. You don’t have to pay monthly charges, set up fees or enrollment fees. However, if you do charge for tickets, you need to share 2.5% of the ticket cost for each ticket and $0.99 per ticket in USD. Payments can be done through all major debit and credit cards.

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The best thing about Buzz My Event is that our service fee never exceeds $9.95 per ticket, irrespective of how much you charge for each ticket. Buzz my event also offers credit card processing facility at a rate of 3 percent per ticket. You pay the same fee if you use PayPal or other online payment channels.

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Another noteworthy thing about Buzz My Event is that we return the fees if the orders are refunded. We ensure that the funds are transferred five days after the event ends.