BuzzMyEvent gives you an opportunity to change who pays the fees i.e. it gives you an opportunity to pass on, absorb or even split the fees as per your needs and specifications, by simply following the steps given below:

Ster 1

If you want to change who pays fees for your event on Buzz My Event, go to My Events tab on the home page and select the “Manage Events” button. You would be diverted to this link: /MyEvents.

Ster 2

Now, under the “Manage” icon, select the “Edit” button. This page that comes up is: /CreateEvent?eid=xxx. Next, click on the “Ticket Info” button to get to this page: /CreateEvent?eid=xxx.

Ster 3

Here, select Settings, under the "More" section. You would be diverted to this page /CreateEvent?eid=xxx. At this moment, you would now see a section named "Booking Fees". You can see three different options here – Split, Absorb, Pass On. Choose your preference and save the changes.