Once you have made the event live, you get to customize and enhance the email invite at Buzzmyevent for prospective attendees you wish to send the invitation to, from your list of contacts.

Ster 1

Log in to your account. On the home page you will be able to view the Contacts icon. From the drop down menu, of Contacts select, "Subscribe Contacts".

Ster 2

You find yourself on this page: /SubscribeContact. Here, you find three buttons on the extreme right. Select Add Contacts. You get a popup screen as given below.

Ster 3

You may add one or multiple contacts. To add a list of email-ids, select the “Multiple Contact” option and create your list.

Ster 4

If you wish to import a list, select "UploadExcelsheet". Before doing this, you need to ensure that the excel sheet is in the right format. The sheet should have only two columns – one with the contact names and the other with email ID. Click on “Browse”, select the file from your computer and Upload it. You can see the imported contacts in your contact list on Buzz My Event.