Creating attractive template for emails can positively affect sales and promotion of the event. Though Buzzmyevent gives you the leverage to choose from existing templates to make the task easier for you, however, if you feel you can add some more flavor to your event by using custom template of your own, we allow you to do so as well.

Ster 1

Log in to your account, and hover on the “Contacts” tab. There you see three dropdown menu options – Subscribe Contacts, Templates and Email Marketing. Click on Templates

Ster 2

Choose the highlighted tab of “Add new Template” here.Link Here

Ster 3

On clicking the tab, a pop-up appears which asks you to upload a template. However, please note that template can only be in htm, html format. Buzzmyevent also lends you the option to preview the uploaded image to re-check the uploaded image. Voila! And your template is added.

Ster 4

Now visit the Email Marketing tab, and create a custom mailer, with your chosen template.